About this Course


The DESIGN WORKSHOP is a 6 hour; intense hands on training session for web and mobile developers, with experienced graphic and ux designers guiding you along. The goal of the training is for you to acquire design tools, techniques and workflows that will  increase the value of your products.

This course has been specifically designed to solve the problems that developers face on a daily bases with  website, mobile app, stand alone app user interfaces. It will involve essential skills on photoshop, design principles,  and a full project to round off with.

By the end of the training you will be able to produce more visually appealing and immersive interfaces (ui)  with a much improved user experience.

To keep the course effective, a limitted number of places are available to ensure that everyone has a one one experience with designers.

Workshop Guidlines


    1. The tools
      • Pen and Paper: Capturing and refining design ideas.
        • Wire framing
      • Photoshop: Interface, Main tools and basic workflows
        • Basic Photo fixes and effects
        • Exporting assets for web and mobile
    2. Design principles
      • Proximity
      • Alignment
      • Contrast
      • Repetition
    3. Grids and typography
    4. Color and Miscellaneous
    5. Project
      • Creating a wire frame and High fidelity prototype from a brief and exporting usable assets for web and mobile.

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